7 photographers worth following on Instagram on different category

Top 7 photographers worth following on instagram
Top 7 photographers worth following on instagram

On this week, at zilikoo we would like to write about the 7 photographers worth following them on Instagram on different categories. Nature photography, Animals photography, Long exposure and Black & White photography. Over internet we analysed more than 1050+ photographers on different category and picked the 7 photographers worth for following on Instagram. They might be professionally trained or self taught photographers, we picked up below photographers based on quality of photo’s, photographic ability, creativity and uniqueness.

Photographers worth following on Instagram – Animals category :

Josh Jaggard photography:

Josh is a professional wildlife photographer from Norfolk and he did marine & natural history in photography. He is been in Norfolk surrounded by fields and woodlands from his child wood, which made him to become a wildlife photographer now. Checkout Josh photographs on Instagram and do follow him.

Follow Josh Jaggard: https://www.instagram.com/josh_jaggard/

Simon Eeman:

Simon Eeman is self taught photographer from Africa and his native is Belgium. Photographer loves to travel around the world to capture something amazing wildlife photographs. Checkout his photographs and worth follow him.

Follow Simon Eeman: https://www.instagram.com/sgwildlifephotography/

Michel d’Oultremont:

Michel also born and bought up in Belgium. Michel d’Oultremont did plenty of research to observe nature of mammals and birds, he loves to capture its right moment with the right lights. Thus he become a professional wildlife photographer with prestigious award in his shoulder. We believe, his photographic ability and creativity defiantly impress you and follow him on instagram.

Follow Michel d’Oultremont: https://www.instagram.com/micheldoultremont/

Photographers worth following on instagram – Nature category:

Janne Kahila:

Young and talented self learned photographer from Iceland Janne Kahila. Photographer is basically a software developer and landscape photographer. Janne travel lot to shoot perfect Finnish landscape picture. He loves roaming outdoors and mountain claiming, that inspired and made him as a professional landscape photographer now and make us to follow him on instagram.

Follow Janne Kahila: https://www.instagram.com/jkahilaphotography/

Steve Schwindt:

Steve is a landscape photographer from Portland and he got inspired from photographs of Ryan dyar, Miles morgan and Alex noriega. Thus he started capturing amazing landscape photographs and  every with unique or much better than what he seen from other photographers. Do follow him on instagram.

Follow Steve Schwindt: https://www.instagram.com/steveschwindt/

Photographers worth following on instagram – Long Exposure and Black & White category

Brent Purcell:

On zilikoo blog, we have already discovered Brent Purcell for his unique and creative long exposure photographs. Photographer is from Newzealand and likes to capture the beauty of his own country and perfect momements of sea sky and the nature.

Follow Brent Purcell on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brentpurcell.nz/

Richard Peters:

Richard is well know photographer for fresh style of wildlife photography and he earned many awards for his photography. He is brand ambassador for Nikon and photographer is from United kingdom. Special about this Richard is for this photography teaching skill and continuously loves to teach photographers new things and techniques, which makes to follow him on instagram.

Follow Richard Peters: https://www.instagram.com/richardpetersphoto/

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