The Museum of Waitangi – New Zealand

The Museum of Waitangi

This week in our photo exhibitions category we would like to talk about the museum of waitangi at New Zealand. Museum is related to a treaty between the Maori ( autonomous peoples from New Zealand ) and the British unfold. The museum is based in the Bay of island and has open February 6th on New Zealand’s national day. There are many impressive exhibition of photos related to the signature this treaty presented in this exhibition.

The Museum of Waitangi – formally named Te Kōngahu. The ‘Te Kōngahu’ is a Maori word that refers to the unborn child, a metaphor for the potential and promise of a new nation that was conceived and born with the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in the early 19th Century.

In Museum the stories of Waitangi, the place and the treaty are explained through high quality photos that uses multi media and strong visual display.

The Museum of Waitangi The Museum of Waitangi

Exhibition – Ko Waitangi Tēnei This is Waitangi

The main exhibition which narrates from the first tentative contacts to treaty making at waitangi in 1840, the relationship between Maori and the British. This exhibition also allows visitors to investigate in document room about the treaty, its travels around the New Zealand’s and hundreds of people who choose to sign it and with what expectations.

Then visitors are also able to gather knowledge about the impacts and responses to post-Treaty colonisation: war, peace-making, petitions and delegations.

Exhibition Gallery: Disenchanted Prophets Matakite Matekiri

The Museum of Waitangi The Museum of Waitangi

Disenchanted Prophets Matakite Matekiri is a thought-provoking exhibition of photographs by internationally reputed photographers, Bruce Connew, John Miller, Ans Westra, Gil Hanly and Mark Adam.

The photographs exhibited tell New Zealanders strong views about protest at Waitangi and about the treaty.This exhibition explores aspects of the Waitangi Treaty protests not usually seen

The Museum of Waitangi

For more information, please refer official Museum of Waitangi –

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