Michael Koester – Deciphering the Beauty in Lines and Architecture

Michael Koester Fine Art Photography

Michael Koester was born in Berlin – the city that is famous for its diverse architecture, festivals, art and high quality of life. Michael’s knack of focussing on details from a unique perspective is evident in all his photographs. When “Black and White” is universally considered as a dull or ancient tone, Michael gives grandeur even to the two-tone colours.

Michael Koester Photography1

Michael Koester Photography

The city life we daily encounter is filled with busyness and same old buildings. It is, in fact, a challenge to decipher contrasting colour from this less-contrasty environment. However, Michael finds a way to provide excitement to this every day dull urban life. The composition and the colours of the images captured by Michael is a delight to everyone’s eyes. Each and every architecture is unique in its own way. But it takes a photographic eye to extract the differences between buildings. This differentiating character is what makes his photography very pleasing to view.

Michael Koester photography -2

Michael Koester Photography

For photography to impress, it needs the right mix of colours, composition and sharpness. The subject/s in the photography should be meaningfully included in the frame. In a few photographs by Michael, you see a person making a casual walk along the street backed by a huge building. The most impressive thing about Michael Koester’s photographies is that he connects all these factors in a picturesque manner.

Michael Koester Photography -3

Michael Koester Photography

The grandeur of the architecture with all its glory is richly captured by the photographer. The lights on each floor shining alongside the evening darkness is a pleasure to watch. Other pictures that deserve a mention is the alongside water images. Take a tour across Michael Koester’s photographies and get spellbound by the beauty of colours, architecture, art, composition and sharpness present in each and every image captured by the photographic eyes of Michael Koester. Buy Michael Koester Photography Online at Zilikoo

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