Hollie Gordon – The Photographer with a Wildlife Love!

Hollie Gordon Photography

Snapping a picture is equivalent to creating a memory. Not all pictures create the “awe” feeling and not all images tell a memorable story. But there lies a point where both the surprise element as well as the story in a situation diverge upon one another. Only a great photographer will be able to decipher the art out of an ordinary space, and Hollie Gordon is one among them. She focuses on wildlife photography especially in zoos and wildlife parks throughout the UK. She’s got the knack of telling a story through each of her picturesque snaps. Here’s an image that can talk to the inner you all by itself.

Hollie Gordon photographs

Photos by Hollie Gordon

Here’s one more image that deserves a mention. This is a beautiful picture captured by her on the occasion on International Zebra Day. The beautiful stripes of the zebra lit in the astonishing sunshine and the awesome composition of the whole setting gives a unique touch to the striking image.

The major factor that differentiates a professional photographer from an ordinary one is the way they give life to the images. They have the talent to create something from nothing and everything from something. A professional photographer knows the perfect moment that would create a magic for the viewers. It is the lighting, the composition and the perfect moment that creates a magical viewing experience.

Hollie Gordon Photos

In her Facebook biography, it says “The only acceptable way to shoot an animal is with a camera.” And when you shoot animals in an absolutely beautiful fashion like this, it also says a lot about the love that Hollie Gordon has for animals. It is her love for animals and photography that has made her create magic in the form of images.

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