The crossing – Exhibition of photographs by KATRIN KOENNING

Katrin Koenning an Independent photographer and lecturer in photography from Australia. Katrin Koenning is interested in the physical and emotional links of places. The crossing – Exhibition of photographs in Paris from Monday 22nd October at 6.30pm.

His work, which is restrained, neither dictates nor pretends, but documents as much as he questions. A large part of its production is on the border of representation and leaves room for the imagination. His work, full of poetry, confronts us with the feeling and invites us to reflect.

His works are regularly exhibited in Australia and at individual and collective international exhibitions. Her work has been featured in numerous photographic festivals such as Chobi Mela, Organ Vida, Noorderlicht, FORMAT, the Athens Photo Festival, photographic triennial of Hamburg to name a few.

Katrin Koenning has won numerous awards, including the Conscientious Portfolio Award and the Daylight Photo Award. His images have been widely published, in print and online, as ASX, the New York Times, Marie Claire magazine, the British newspaper The Guardian, the magazine Der Spiegel, National Geographic, the New Yorker, SBS Australia and many others. ‘other.

About  The crossing – Exhibition of photographs

In her documentary and artistic work, The Crossing, directed between 2009 and 2017, Katrin Koenning denounces a bruised Australian nature in which the imprint of man is engraved in everything he touched: water, the earth, the air. Katrin initiated the series The Crossing after reforms undertaken by the Australian government in 2015 not promoting a development that is both economic and ecological.

She looks at natural sites at the crossroads of fantasy and myth. His photographs are like a quest, a crossing where the objective meets emblematic figures of nature in full alert. Katrin Koenning communicates with the darkness in a masterly way and makes light appear as an offering, a hope. It is in this dark and intriguing atmosphere that Australian nature is revealed to the visitor.

With poetry and intimacy, the photographer wonders about a new possible ecology. Adopting an immersive and spontaneous approach, the photographer paints a portrait of the surrounding environment. Nature is plural, it includes as much fauna, flora, man, both present and evanescent. In contrast to predominantly black and white shots, some views assume color. These colorful photographs glorify the beauty of natural landscapes while highlighting their fragility.

© Katrin Koenning, The Crossing 2009-2017, sans titre

The subjects are beyond our eyes and are for some hardly recognizable. The breaking point between man and nature is latent. As Katrin explains, nature is shown in various states: in disappearance, in adaptation and in transition. The Crossing, the passage or the crossing, invites us to this reflection.

An exhibition proposed and organized by Di Mezzo, sponsor company. Katrin Koenning’s first exhibition in France, at the Cloitre Ouvert, in Paris.

Spotted by Clarisse Russel at Circulation (s) 2017, Katrin Koenning’s work was also a favorite for Stéphanie Guizol, founder of Di Mezzo. His intimate and grandiose vision invites a mystical encounter and a tangible reflection on the world and man. Photography is the perfect medium both documentary and artistic to invite to this visual and poetic journey. The choice of a majority of small formats invites the spectator to get closer to the works and to enter into their intimacy.

The series The Crossing fits rightly with the Open Cloister of the Dominicans, place where the nature and the spiritual dimension are preserved by the man. The architecture, between modernity and tradition, is bright and calm. In a world in perpetual movement, the Open Cloister invites to pause and contemplation. His sleek style leaves voluntarily to the creation and regularly exposed artists.

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