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Andrew Ingledow Photography

Photography is an art and only artists having a finesse touch in snapping picturesque moments can ring the bells of attraction among viewers. Capturing people and their emotions is relatively easy. When you are clicking a person, you adjust the environment and set things in such a way that makes the scene get captured in an aesthetic way. But when it comes to wildlife photography, it is a totally different affair. A photographer needs to be all time ready to capture the best moment possible when it is wildlife photography. Animals exhibit countless emotions just like how we humans do. Capturing those emotions at the right moment and in the most pleasing fashion is what a skilled wildlife photographer excels in. Andrew Ingledow is one such photographer whose limited edition photographs speak volume about his photographic eye for wildlife.

Talking about capturing the apt moment, Andrew Ingledow limited edition photographs are a delight to look at. Here are a few masterpieces shot through his lens:

The composition, exposure and focus of his wildlife images are all on point. Each and every image has an emotion behind it. The limited edition photographs of Andrew Ingledow are a testimony to that. Wildlife photography involves a lot of work on the background. The photographer should be able to understand the situation, the lighting, the surroundings and most importantly, pictured in his mind as to what he wants as the end image. The effectiveness of the mind imaging reflects in the final image. If you are looking to buy limited edition photographs of wildlife that are of high quality, these are images that cannot be overseen.


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