7439 miles photography by Renato D’Agostin

7439 miles photography by Renato DAgostin

Exhibition 7439 miles photography by Renato D’Agostin, as name stands exhibition is all about the photographs taken in 7439 miles travel crossing united states from east to west in 1983 BMW R100 by photographer Renato D’Agostin.

Renato D’Agostin is a professional photographer born and brought up in Venice, italy. Birth place city life made him to capture life situtations with his camera lens. He worked with photographer Ralph Gibson for many years and presented his first gallery in 2007. He continued to present many exhibition followed in US, europe and asia. And also Renato D’Agostin photography have been published in many books and some of his prints have part of several public collection such as Liberty of Congress and The philips collection and etc.

Now coming back to this 7439 by Renato D’Agostin exhibition, gallery has been scheduled from past 13th may to 9th september 2017. Photographer showcased his work captured during 7439 miles journey from New york to Los Angeles, he professionaly captured visual elements and leaves his foot print mark on every single photos. Photographer is well experienced in capturing classical black & white contemporary photos.

To explore more photographs, step in to Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Hotel De Retz – Building A (9 Rue Charlot) or visit offcial website and entry is free. Don’t forget exhibition till 9th september 2017.

Disclaimer: All trademarks and trade names used in this article are the property of their respective owners. The images used in this article are exclusively property of Renato D’Agostin.

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