The 14th Edition Photaumnales 2017 “COULEURS PAYS”

Photaumnales 2017

Photaumnales 2017, The 14th edition of the photographic festival Les Photaumnales, organized by Diaphane, a photography center in Picardy, exhibition is scheduled from 14 October to 31 December 2017 in Beauvais and in the Hauts de France region. On last 13 edition exhibition titled with Love Stories, This session 14th edition of the Photaumnales festival, “Couleurs pays” takes us to the heart of the Caribbean and before the photographic creation in the overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique. To know more in details visit

The exhibitions confront the historical vision of archives and private collections with those of contemporary photographers, questioning the notion of the identity of these territories. Mixed ages and variety of looks form a mosaic of a great richness where human activities, economic, societal and environmental traditions intersect. This panorama of historical and contemporary creation suggests ways of thinking about the construction of the identity of these two islands and their relation to the metropolis. It also questions the representation of the landscape and reveals the various influences.

The work of Jean-Baptiste Barret, Steve Canaux, David Damoison, Sylvain Duffard, Gilles Elie-dit-Cossack, Gilles Elie-dit-Cossack, Anthony Guerrero, Nadia Huggins, Françoise Huguier, Luc de Laguarigue, Yoann Lamon, Jean-François Manicom, Nicolas Nabajoth, Weena Ouensanga, Magali Paulin, Jean Popincourt, Shirley Rufin and students of the Caribbean Campus of the Arts of Martinique are going to exhibited in this 14 edition of photaumnales 2017.

The historical part, with the photographs of: Armand Benoît-Jeannette ( “Life in the great outdoors” Black and White ) he practices amateur photography on Sundays, or at his hours lost. Traveling the island with his family, he documents with brilliance and spontaneity everyday life: street scenes,

port and agricultural activities, rural life. He also devoted himself to the academic portrait by improvising a photo studio in the courtyard of his house, lit only by natural light.

Denise Colomb – “Denise Columbus in the West Indies” (Black and white and color): Photographer Known for its many portraits of 20th century, Denise Colomb, sister of the famous gallery owner

Parisian Pierre Loeb, frequent the world of the artists she will never cease to photograph in the setting of their workshop. From the trip experience, she brings back images of a great humanity, instantaneous of true encounters, revealing the grace and depth of a living people.

Arlette Rosa-Lameynardie: The street, the market, the fishing, the carnival or the visits

official, are all reasons that inspire it. Photographer pictures constitute a testimony at the discretion and sobriety of the life on the island, between the 1960s and the 1980s.

Félix Rose-Rosette: Well known for traditional cooking recipes (color) Practicing amateur photography. It gathers views of architecture and landscapes, wildlife and flora, as well as scenes of everyday life and traditional, including a series of cooking recipes. The exoticism of these images

in their great naturalness, is raw and tasty!

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